To meet your needs


Johnny’s Car Wash offers full service car wash services utilizing state of the art technology and techniques. With a wide range of services, choose a wash that best suits your needs!


Johnny’s Express Detailing Service is a fast way to spruce up your car without sacrificing quality. Choose from a wide range of services that are done while you wait! No appointment necessary!


Johnny’s Car Wash Detailing Service will give your car that brand new shine. Our trained professionals go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with your detailing service.

Ozone Treatment $69.99
Wheels Polished $50.00 Each
Tree Sap Removal $30.00
Heavy Pet Hair $15.00
Motor Washing $50.00

Rain X Complete Surface Protectant $4.00
Rain X Windshield Treatment $4.99
Rain X All Glass $12.00
Floor Mats per pair $5.00
Tire Shine $5.00
Simoniz Hot Wax $6.00
Lexol Conditioner $20.00
PTR Plastic Restoration $25.00


An exceptional car wash at an even better value!

Everything we do is focused on providing our customers with sparkling clean cars by delivering fast and friendly service. Our formula is simple! We make people feel good by delivering a clean, dry, and shiny car every time.

We want to provide the best car wash and customer experience in the industry. Our customers come first, and we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional quality on every visit to Johnny’s Car Wash.

Ultimately, we believe that no matter what you drive, you will feel even better about your car after visiting our car wash.


We can deliver the best result

A brand new car will gleam under the showroom lights but to the expert eye there may be paint defects in the clear coat that, while very subtle, prevent the finish from being quite as spectacular as it could be. This is where our highly trained detail technicians comes into our own. Our ability to detect and remove these almost invisible blemishes is what enables our technicians to make beautiful cars shine like never before.

When you hand-wash your car, grit and abrasive particles become embedded in the sponge or rag that you use. Over time, this causes microscopic scratches that degrade your car’s paint, harming its appearance and impacting resale value. Our carefully maintained equipment reduces the wear and tear on your car’s finish that is common with hand washing. In fact, we have a full-time crew of trained maintenance technicians to ensure our equipment is always working at its best!