What is the real story about my new car’s finish?

Misconceptions abound.

  • My new car salesman said to never take it to an automatic car wash.
  • My car has a clear coat finish and doesn’t need waxing.
  • The dealership said, “I have a special wax sealant on my car and it will never need waxing.”

The truth is, all cars finishes, clear coat or otherwise, are subject to the same damaging effects of the environment.  They will oxidize or fade and therefore, need regular care.  Washing your car at a quality full service car wash, and having it detailed using our Express Wax Service regularly will keep your car’s finish in excellent shape.

At Johnny’s, in our car wash, we use the latest in equipment technology to effectively clean your vehicle.  We use gentle soft cloth material generously flushed with recycled, environmentally safe, filtered water. The final rinse and any wax process applied to you car uses fresh water.  Our wash and wax solutions are brand name, biodegradable products manufactured especially for the car wash industry and meet, or exceed, all requirements established by the EPA.